Introduction to the Course

Of all the things we do in a day, being with our children can be one of the most rewarding things on earth, and sometimes one of life's greatest challenges.

Designed with the parent, teacher, carer and team leader in mind, Your Life Patterns gives you powerful new perspectives into your own behaviour and allows you to discover what dynamically drives the behaviours, feelings and attitudes of all the individual children in your life.

This welcome insight into children will be one of the most rewarding seminars benefiting you and your children. Your Life Patterns offers terrific opportunities to promote greater understanding and wellbeing, joy, creativity, calmness and harmony between children and families, and children and their communities.


Your Life Patterns is all about relating better to children and allowing them to enjoy and perform more effectively in their lives with you. It's of special interest to parents who are seeking to bond better with their children, those who are searching for new ways to deal with challenging behaviour, those who work, play and live with children experiencing learning difficulties and all who are dealing with competitive situations in many spheres of life eg. peer groups, sport, academia, social activities and artistic pursuits.

Have you ever wondered why?

Who does this course appeal to?

Who Benefits?

You and all the children in your life.

Participating in Your Life Patterns helps you to embrace the vision of what you can make of your life with children.

Your Life Patterns...

How does this course differ?

This course is about you and the children you care for and teach.

Your Life Patterns allows you to evaluate the way you currently convey yourself and gives you the opportunity to express yourself in ways that allows a child to hear you.

Your Life Patterns gives you new tools to recognise the fuller nature of who you are, and how you employ various behavioural patterns or games, to run you as a parent, teacher carer, coach and instructor.

Discover what you do that does not give you the results you really want to achieve wiith the children in your life, and how this may impede you from engaging positively their worlds.

Roller coastering emotions and motivational highs inside a seminar room are not what this course is all about.

Balance in all aspects of your mental and emotional life, and understanding the identity of your unchallenged, unproductive or negative behaviours is what Your Life Patterns stands for. Isn't it about time you saw new strengths within yourself and the potential of all the children in your life?