Here's what participants are saying about Your Life Patterns:

Marion Kovari, Relationship & Individual Counsellor, BA (Psych), B.Soc Stud. AA MFC, Mental Health Worker

"My children are now 19 and 22 years old and I have been using Your Life Patterns approaches for over 7 years. Learning about patterns in human nature makes my job as a parent so much easier. As one example, I used to interpret my daughter's behaviour as laziness. But I realised after the seminar that this behaviour really related to her self-doubt. So rather than being angry, I was able to use different approaches. With my support, my daughter now willingly tries new things. I have gained a far deeper understanding of my children - and myself, and my family life has become more happy and harmonious. The information offers insights beyond my formal studies, and I would highly recommend this seminar.

Java Cogar, Teacher's Aide and Mother of 2

"I have worked with children with special needs, with dyslexia, ADD and sometimes all three. This course assisted me to work with them, rather than against them; to adapt, rather than react; and gave me tools to communicate more effectively. As a mother, Your Life Patterns allowed me to let go, and let my children be themselves".